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Upcoming Events:

Join us for a special Valentine's Weekend Dinner

February 13th and 14th

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When it comes to setting up an intimate Valentines Day dinner with your loved one, you want to go somewhere that they are going to enjoy. You want this time together to be beautiful, beneficial and great for you both. However, finding the most ideal place to spend this time together might be rather difficult if youre unsure of the options around you. You want something upscale, and something that will cater to the needs that you have, and the privacy that you want. Consider a Dallas steakhouse to provide this for you.

The Right Upscale Steakhouse in Dallas

Choosing a menu is something that must be done, especially if there are allergies or if one of the people do not like steak. Knowing that there are many other choices to make for both parties involved is always a good thing. You want to ensure that you have plenty to choose from since this is your intimate Valentines Day dinner that youre able to spend together. Having something you both enjoy is always a plus - and dont forget the dessert!

Being able to go to an upscale restaurant together is a true treat, but being able to spend this time together is something that is priceless. Enjoy the intimate Valentines Day dinner that you set up, and watch them be impressed with everything that youve done for them on this special day. You want to see their eyes light up, and this is one of the best places you can bring them to get just that and so much more. Make it a special moment for everyone involved and enjoy the food, atmosphere and being able to spend time alone with one another. 

Bringing Them Somewhere They Will Love

Once you visit this steakhouse for your intimate Valentines Day dinner, you will want to come back every year and make it a tradition. This is one of the best things about creating a date that was meant for the two of you. When you spend time together, youre actually enjoying all that comes with being a part of a couple. While you try new food, drinks and a new place; youre also creating memories that perhaps you would not be able to create anywhere else. This is something you want to consider when you set up the date. Make sure to ask them if you can have a private area to spend the time together. After that, for every major intimate moment that you have, you can call ahead and get a table for that date too. 

When the time comes to have the perfect evening, make sure to make reservations with a Dallas steakhouse that can provide you with the private dining accommodations for your intimate Valentines Day dinner. You want to be focused on them, have a great evening with one another and spend this time laughing, talking and enjoying one anothers company. Make sure to put away the cell phones, and enjoy this time. 

Best Steakhouse in Dallas...

Being recognized as one of the Best Steakhouse in Dallas is an honor and requires a lot hard work and dedication from our staff in the front of the house as well as in the kitchen. Dallas is a very competitive market for steak restaurants with some of the finest steakhouses in the country located right here in Dallas, we constantly have to be at our best, night in and night out. 

If you are visiting Dallas and you are looking for a good place to eat and to enjoy a great steak and exemplary customer service we hope that you will find your way to our Addison restaurant. Our steakhouse is conveniently located east of the Dallas North Tollway on Beltline Rd. in the N. Dallas town of Addison. We just a short cab ride from the Hotel Intercontinental and the Addison Marriott

Chamberlain's Steak and Chop

5330 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254

Click Here for Directions (just two blocks east of the North Dallas Tollway)

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